Dumbbell Obedience Club held another successful three days of Rally Obedience trials last weekend. As usual, they were held in Chilliwack in conjunction with Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers’ Thanksgiving shows.

FVDF generously donates the ring space to our club. Our rally judges also judge obedience for the hosting club, so we are able to share expenses, keeping costs down for both clubs. These trials are our largest money maker of the year and help support our April trials.

Three popular judges brought the competitors out in numbers. All six trials in three days saw large entries under Margaret Henigman, Lionel Whittaker and Karen Brearley. Saturday’s entry of 89 dogs was really impressive!

We couldn’t manage these trials without a lot of volunteers. Special thanks to Bev Korness who worked tirelessly as show chairman, organizing everything from finding prizes to ring stewards. Dawn Egginton stepped up and ran the table all three days for us. A lot of our ring stewards were newbies, but they did an amazing job of keeping things running smoothly. Thanks to all of you.

We are lucky to have several companies adding their support to our trials. Paw Street Market has been a long time club supporter, and The Scruffy Tail and Blue Buffalo were very generous to us as well. Please drop into these local businesses when you are looking for quality food and supplies.

I hoped to call attention to the exhibitors who particularly excelled over the weekend. But there were so many of you! Scores of 98, 99 and even 100 were not uncommon. The passing rate was really high and there were so many new titles that we ran out of rosettes! Don’t worry, we will mail yours to you assoon as we can. You can check trial results at https://www.canuckdogs.com/.

Congratulations to all of you. We were excited to see some new exhibitors, some well-known faces, and a big variety of breeds. Those of us who find it hard to follow the numbers, read the signs and watch ourdogs without falling over our own feet are very impressed by you all. Keep up the good work and keep on rallying.

We hope to see you at Dumbbell’s obedience and rally trials at Cotonfield on April 8th and 9th next year.