As  every successful club knows it takes HELPING HANDS VOLUNTEERS to make things happen & functions to run smoothly.  So, we’re reaching out to our members to see if YOU are one of those HELPING HANDS VOLUNTEERS that could donate some occasional time or may want to be on a club committee.

Check out all the opportunities to help below . . .

FUN MATCHES:  These are ongoing events so we’re constantly in need of helpers. We need people willing to be Obedience Judges, Rally Judges & Ring Stewards.  Judges need to know the rules & exercises for all levels. Rally Judges specifically need to know how to set courses for all levels.  Ring stewards are asked to help set up jumps, act as posts, call exhibitors to the ring & generally assist the Judges.

SINGLE EVENTS:  We have a number of events that we present throughout the year.  These are events such as seminars or tests/evaluations that are a one-and-done type event.  Check the website under Events OR Seminars to see if one piques your interest in volunteering.


Interested in joining the SHOW COMMITTEE? Contact Kelly Thorburn @ 236-332-1447.

Learn how a trial is run; securing dates, Judges, venues, organizing prizes & gathering volunteers.

  • Help is needed on the Friday eves. before the trial for set-up & Sunday afternoons for take-down after the trial is finished.

  • Ring Stewards will be needed for both the Obedience & Rally

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