Dog Trainers & Dog Training Classes

Donna Toews | Reflection Pet Services |778-881-6653 |
Donna offers private behaviour assessments and training for pet dogs. She is  a  LIMA Being and volunteers to help those who adopt “rescue” dogs.  She offers group classes for nosework (since 2011). Donna is a CKC and UKC judge.

Heather Lawson | DogWise Training & Behaviour Center | 604-986-9663 |

Heather offers a variety of group classes in North Vancouver, including HeadStart Puppy, Canine Building Blocks, New Puppy, Now What, Urban Hound, Nose Work

Janice Gunn | TNT Kennels & Training Center
27624 Watson Rd., Abbotsford, BC V4X 1P4 |

The TNT Training Center offers a variety of classes from puppy & pet obedience to specialty classes such as Come When Called, Trick Dog, Leash Manners & Fun Agility. TNT offers Competition Obedience (from Pre-Novice to Utility) and Rally Obedience.

TNT also hosts a couple of obedience-related seminars throughout the year.
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Kelly Thorburn | Take One Training
Private Lessons & Group Classes – Puppy, Companion, & Competition . TV & Film Training | Abbotsford, BC

Leanne Good | Wow Dog Training | Contact Leanne

Offers personal training, private classes, trick training, group training, Rally Obedience, Dog Manners 101.

Sam Langley | Tug Dog Training & Coaching | Contact Sam

Sam offers a variety of classes from Performance Puppy (for those raising a competition puppy) to Scent Work & Agility. Sam also offers private training to help you make the most out of your sport dog.

Training Tips

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