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Join us for a fun match featuring Obedience, Rally (Scent detection has been cancelled as not enough entries).
Rally & Obedience Day off entries available!


Download:  Obedience Schedule | Download:  Rally Schedule


  • Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before your scheduled time
  • Please do your part and steward for at least 2 dogs when you are done
  • Bitches In-Season are not permitted on-site.
  • Corrections having a negative impact on other handlers and/or dogs will not be allowed
    by the Dumbbell Obedience Club.
  • FUN Matches are not the place for major or harsh corrections.
  • FUN Matches are a means of presenting a trial setting for you and your dog.  We would
    like participants to conform to CKC Regulations with respect to collars and leashes wherever possible.
  • The use of Electronic collars of any sort will not be allowed at Dumbbell Obedience Club Matches
  • Our helpers are volunteers, please be generous with your appreciation for their time
  • ALL ATTENDEES must clean up after their dogs. Anyone neglecting to do so will not be permitted to attend ANY Dumbbell matches, trials or workshops.
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