All Dog Owners Need this Item on Hand

All dog owners should have a canine medical kit, with vet wraps, antibiotic ointment, Benadryl, and a dozen other items. You can find good lists on many internet sites. Keep your dog’s kit beside your own Emergency Preparedness kit, with its minimum three-day supply of food and water, medicines, flashlight, [...]

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Thanksgiving Rally Trial a Huge Success

Dumbbell Obedience Club held another successful three days of Rally Obedience trials last weekend. As usual, they were held in Chilliwack in conjunction with Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers’ Thanksgiving shows. FVDF generously donates the ring space to our club. Our rally judges also judge obedience for the hosting club, so [...]

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How Flyball Saved My Dog’s Life

Ten years ago, I adopted a rescue dog. Have you heard the expression “No good deed goes unpunished?” He bit everyone but me, tried to attack anything that moved, from dogs to buses, screamed the house down when I went out, and lifted his leg anywhere. He was 12 pounds [...]

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