To the members of the Dumbbell Obedience Club:

Your Club Executive would like to address the concern amongst some of our members in regards to the dates of our upcoming trials on May 4 & 5, 2024.

Historically, our trials have been held in April. The decision to move our trials to May was not made lightly. Some of the factors taken into account in choosing a date are Venue availability, Judge availability, Show Secretary availability and other conflicting local dog events. Unfortunately the May dates conflict with the Okanagan Valley Obedience Trials and so moving forward, the Executive is proposing that our club apply now to the CKC for future April Priority Dates.

Confirmation of our application guarantees our club dates for 2025 and 2026. This will give members and those wishing to enter our trials the opportunity to plan accordingly.

In regards to our 2024 trials, we cannot hold a successful event without the support of the membership.

To this end, we are asking you to respond to the following questions by Dec. 15, 2023

May Trial Survey

Membership polling to continue trial or cancel this year

Are you in favor of proceeding with our May 4/5 2024 trials?(Required)
In order to proceed with the May 2024 trials, we need Trial Committee members. Are you willing to volunteer to be part of the 2024 Trial Committee?(Required)
Going forward…Are you in favor of applying for CKC Priority Dates for the last weekend in April? (i.e. April 26 & 27 2025) CKC FEE would apply ($12 per day per event).(Required)